July 1, 2007

Complaint of the Ignorant Wizard

Complaint of the Ignorant Wizard

Whoever gave me magic told me lies.
This laying on of hands works otherwise.

Every whirling part of me is warm
Yet I come down on here like a snowstorm.

I speak the word that might unlock the rock
But hard upon that word my two jaws lock.

My sleeping power gathering to leap
Leaps tooth and claw into a deeper sleep.

The love potion I slyly pour for one
Is by another seized and swallowed down.

I learned the speech of birds; now every tree
Screams out to me a baleful prophecy.

Into a statue's lungs I breathe my own.
Sighing, it fills me with this sigh of stone.

My answer to the riddle bears with it
A greater riddle and more desperate.

All all runs wild, all wild and uncontrolled.
A toad hops from my mouth instead of gold.

Copyright ©Naomi Replansky